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Can You Put Zoflora In a Washing Machine With Clothes?

Zoflora is a very popular disinfectant that can be used for dozens of different things. Not only does it kill germs, it also leaves behind a very pleasant smell. 

You may already be using it on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and you may have even used it to clean your washing machine. Can you put it in the washer with your clothes though? And what will it do to your clothes? 

Can You Put Zoflora In a Washing Machine With Clothes?

Yes, you can add Zoflora to your washing machine with your clothes. It will help disinfect any particularly soiled items, and make them smell extra fresh. 

You don’t need to be adding Zoflora to your washing machine with every cycle, as your regular detergent will be enough to handle everyday washes. You can however use it when washing bedding or towels, to make sure they are completely disinfected. 

If your clothes smell after washing, your washer may have a buildup of bacteria. You can then use Zoflora both to get rid of said smell, and to disinfect your washing machine and get rid of the bacteria. 

Don’t forget that Zoflora is highly concentrated, so you do only need a little to get the desired effect. One capful will be more than enough. Using too much of it may make your clothes smell extra strong, which may bother those with a more keen sense of smell and more sensitive skin. 

How to Use Zoflora in Your Washing Machine

Place a capful of Zoflora where you would normally pour fabric detergent in your washer, and run your usual cycle. It will make your clothes extra fresh. 

The main benefit of Zoflora is its ability to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs, so any extremely soiled items can be washed with it. Think bedding and towels, especially if someone in your household has been ill. You can also use it on beach towels, your gym gear, or any other piece of clothing you need thoroughly washed. 

Zoflora is a great choice for washing items used by your pet: blankets, throws, or their favourite pillow. You can also consider washing baby items with Zoflora, but always consider your baby’s sensitivity level first. If they react to a strong smell or have atopic skin, you may want to stick to products made specifically for kids. 

Since Zoflora is so strong, you only need a small amount. A capful will be plenty, but you can also experiment with different dosages until you figure out what gives you the best-smelling laundry. If you want to remove the musty smell from clothing, you can add a little bit more, just to up the scent even more. 

Smaller loads will also require less product, so half a cap is plenty if there are only a few items in the washer. If you have fully loaded your 9kg washing machine, you may want to add a cap and a half. 

Where Do You Put Zoflora In the Washing Machine?

When washing your clothes with Zoflora, put it where you would the fabric softener, not where you add the detergent. Then just use your usual cycle to wash your items. 

This will ensure your items come out smelling extra fresh, and that the germs and bacteria on them will be effectively eliminated.

What Does Zoflora Do To Clothes?

Zoflora is a disinfectant, and it will kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your clothes. There are 22 different scents to choose from, so your clothes will also smell incredible. 

Zoflora is however neither a fabric softener nor a laundry detergent. While it has dozens of uses, it won’t make your clothes softer, but it will certainly make them fresher and cleaner. 

What Else Can You Use Zoflora for in Your Washing Machine?

You can use Zoflora to clean both the inside and the outside of your washing machine, as well as to refresh your clothes between washes. 

Since Zoflora is a disinfectant, you can use it to clean the inside of your washing machine. Use a diluted solution (1 cap in 400 mls of water) to wipe the inside of the drum and the inside of your washer door, to remove any soapy residue. Then add two caps to the drum and run a hot cycle on an empty machine. 

This will kill all the bacteria that has over time built up in hard to reach places. As a result, your washer will smell incredibly fresh, and will also last longer. Cleaning your washing machine regularly is the best way to ensure all of your clothes come out smelling fresh and perfectly clean every time. 

A diluted Zoflora solution can also be used to wipe the outside of your washing machine. It will serve both as a disinfectant and help you get rid of any dust, leaving you with a shiny and clean machine. 

As for your clothing between washes, you can use your diluted Zoflora to freshen it up and remove any musty smell, especially on old jackets or blankets that you haven’t used for a while. The same applies to bedding and upholstery, even the inside of your car. 

Wrapping It Up 

Zoflora truly does have dozens upon dozens of uses. Disinfecting and refreshing your clothing in the washing machine is just one of them. Choose your favourite scent and order your Zoflora supply to keep your home fresh and clean! 


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