The Confused Nester aims to help anyone moving, renovating or simply trying to make their house more of a home make the right decisions. 

It offers advice on choosing the right appliances, pieces of furniture and tools, as well as useful tips on cleaning, cooking, gardening, folding, tidying and nesting in general. 

While originally conceived as a space where those moving into their first property would be able to find buyer’s guides and decorating inspiration, it has since evolved into a space that any homemaker can appreciate. 

Still a work in progress, the website aims to cover all things home improvement and homemaking, and offer a unique twist on popular and less popular subjects. 

Meet Joyce 

Joyce Barnaby (not my real name) is the only author at The Confused Nester.

She has moved house numerous times during her lifetime, and has done a very extensive house renovation and refurbishment a couple of years ago. Her time managing that project has led to the birth of this blog. 

While she is by no means an expert, she has become incredibly well-versed in researching different products and different pieces of advice, and can vouch for her writing skills any day of the week. 

The Confused Nester is meant to be both a creative outlet and a way to help others, who are trying to perfect their nests and might be feeling slightly confused, fall more in love with the space they live in. 

The Confused Nester does not at this time welcome guest authors. 

Editorial Guidelines 

All of the articles you can find on The Confused Nester have been carefully researched, the methods advised meticulously tested, and several hours of information seeking and checking has gone into each of them. 

In order to ensure accuracy, several sources have been consulted, and all facts carefully double-checked. However, there is still the possibility that an error might creep into the odd article. If you do notice one, please let me know. 

Some of the articles you read will contain affiliate links. However, the commissions I may recieve have in no way influenced my opinions, nor am I paid to endorse one product over another. 

All of the opinions stated on the website are my own, and while they are inherently subjective, they are honest and based on facts and careful research. 

I do hope you enjoy your time at The Confused Nester! If there is a topic you would like me to cover, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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