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A Tea Lover’s Guide to the Best Stove Top Kettles

I have a confession to make.

I have never owned an electric kettle.

I just don’t like them. I don’t see the point in a little wired appliance that boils water, when I can do the exact same thing on the hob with a regular, old-fashioned, stove top kettle.

I’ve had the same exact kettle for a couple of decades at least – and yes it was old, and it was battered, and it had definitely seen better days, but it was a kettle, it’s purpose was to boil my water, and it did the job perfectly every time.

And then one day, while we were having another endless discussion in the middle of Currys about getting vs. not getting a dishwasher, I spotted the kettle of dreams. And it wasn’t electric either.

Just a regular, simple, traditional kettle that will do the same straightforward job of boiling water, but much more stylish and elegant.

Of course I bought it. And I love it to this day.

If you are also looking to distance yourself from electric kettles for whatever reason – you want to reduce your carbon footprint and be a bit more green, are tired of the damn wire getting tangled or its just getting in the way – I highly recommend you check out some of the ones I am about to list below.

But before we jump into all that, let’s cover some stove top kettle basics.

P.S. Who would have thought there is so much to know about kettles?

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Stove Top Kettle

I know one kettle is much like another, so here are a couple of pointers to consider that might aid you in making your choice:

Capacity: depending on whether you are shopping for a large family or just yourself, you might want to consider something smaller or larger.

Whistle: personally, I love a good whistling kettle, but if you find it particularly annoying, you might go for one of the more silent options – the ones that don’t have a closable spout. 

Style: you also might want to consider how the kettle fits into your kitchen. As I keep mine on the hob or alternately on the table at all times, I needed one that would not clash with the colours and overall décor. If you will only be popping yours out to make that cuppa, you might not need to match it to anything.

Material: the material a stove top kettle is made of will allow it to boil the water slower or faster. Stainless steel kettles are faster than glass ones for example, so if time is of the essence, take materials into consideration. Here is a little comparison for your reading pleasure:

  • Glass stove top kettles – will need more time to boil water than others, but they are aesthetically quite pleasing, and they are also easy to wash.
  • Stainless steel stove top kettles – these are your typical, durable, reliable, easy to clean and use kettles. They are speedy and efficient, and they are most commonly found on the market.
  • Cast iron stove top kettles – heavier and much more sturdy than other kettles, these guys are prone to rust. On the other hand, they do warm the water much more evenly.
  • Copper stove top kettles – copper kettles are incredibly stylish in my opinion, but they are prone to dents, and they do also tarnish more easily, so you will need to give them a good polish. Although, they are just so incredibly Downton Abbey that they might just be worth the effort.
  • Aluminium kettles – lightweight and durable, these kettles are efficient and easy to clean, so if simplicity is what you are after, aluminium should also be on your radar.

13 Best Stove Top Kettles to Buy in the UK:

And now, for the actual best stove top kettles you can find in the UK:

1 – King Hoff Whistling Kettle 3.4 L Stainless Steel Silver

  • Capacity: 3.4 litres
  • Dimensions: 22.85 x 19.05 x 24.13 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: yes

If you are looking for a classic, reliable, easy to use, easy to clean, sturdy and safe stove top kettle that will make your morning (or afternoon) cup of tea (or coffee) a joy, look no further. It comes in at 3.4 litres, so there will be plenty of your hot beverage of choice to go around.

It comes in five colours, so you can definitely find the one that works with your kitchen interiors best.

It is made of stainless steel, so it will be faster than other kettles, however, it does have a solid base for a more even heat distribution, so it will not be ultra-fast. It does also whistle. 

It is dishwasher safe, so there should be no problems with cleaning it, and it can also be used on most stove tops, including induction hobs, meaning you don’t have to worry about your heat source.

The handle is coated in order to stay cool, and the spout can be opened with one hand, meaning you won’t be likely to accidentally spill boiling water all over yourself and the kitchen.

All in all, a great kettle for families – you can get something much smaller if it’s just you.

2 – KitchenAid KTST20SBST Stainless Steel Non Electrical Stove Top Kettle

  • Capacity: 1.9 litres
  • Dimensions: 20.49 x 20.49 x 23.49 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

If you are looking for something smaller, then this KitchenAid stove top kettle might be more to your liking. It does have more of an industrial design, so on the other hand, it might not be for everyone. Does whistle as well. 

This one has a 1.9 litre capacity, and comes in two colours, so not too much choice available, but it should still match most kitchens. Also made of stainless steel, so it is fast, durable, reliable and easy to clean.

You can also use it with all kinds of heat sources, and it will work particularly fast on an induction hob.

The one downfall of this kettle could be the fact that its handle is not technically completely insulated. True, it appears to remain cool and perfectly safe to the touch, but on the other hand, a bit more insulation could have been added. Take this into account if you want to emphasise safety above all else.

3 – Morphy Richards Accents Whistling Kettle

  • Capacity: 2.5 litres
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 24 x 24 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel with porcelain enamel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

Here is a bit of a retro kettle, once again in stainless steel with several colour options to choose from, that will also emit that lovely whistle when it’s finished boiling your water. 

Its capacity is 2.5 litres, so neither too big nor too small – in fact, it could be just right.

It comes with an enamel coating on the outside and a silicon handle that stays cool to the touch.

The spout can once again be opened singlehandedly, so you will have no problem operating it while also holding your mug, your phone, the remote or a child in the other hand.

A simplistic yet stylish kettle that can be used with all sorts of hobs yet again, so no worries there – decorative and reliable, it will last you a long time to come.

4 – Prestige Enamel 2 litre Stove-Top Whistling Kettle

  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 22.4 x 22.2 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

Another reliable stove top kettle makes it onto my list. This one comes in three colours (white, red or black), so it will match most kitchen designs. It has a porcelain enamel exterior and the handles are coated for safety and that softer touch – although, they are again not coated entirely, so do make sure this suits you.

The lids fit snugly to ensure all of the steam stays locked and your water boils super fast, and since you can also use this one with any kind of hob (including induction hobs), you can look forward to a nice mug of something delicious in no time. Whistling sound included. 

It is once again a bit of a retro model, so if you are looking for something more modern, this might not be your cup of tea (pun intended), however, I can see it sitting in a country-style kitchen quite nicely.

5 – KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop Kettle

  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Dimensions: 11.99 x 16.99 x 21.99 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

And now for something a little bit different.

This stove top kettle also comes in three colours (red, black and white), however it is a mix of an old-fashioned and a bit more of a modern design, and I quite like it.

Its capacity is 2 litres, which should be plenty for everyday use, and it can again be used with all kinds of heat sources, AGAs, induction hobs, and the like. It does also whistle as well. 

However, this one is made of plastic, and not stainless steel, which might account for its lower price tag. It does have an enamel finish however, so you might not even be able to tell the difference.

Its handle stays cool and is soft to the touch, and the spout can yet again be opened with just the one hand.

A very decent option if you are looking for a reliable and easy choice, great for first-time homeowners who are looking for an affordable kettle to get the job done.

6 – OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Dimensions: 20.32 x 24.76 x 24.76 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

Whenever I come across Oxo, I always think of that Cake Boss spin-off where pairs of family bakes face off making a themed cake for Buddy and his fellow judges. I’d never heard of the brand before, but since then, cannoli and tiramisu pop into my mind whenever it is mentioned.

As for the actual kettle, this one is just as good as all of the others I have talked about so far – it’s made of stainless steel and has that silver finish, its handles are all made of silicone to ensure they stay cool, and it is fast and easy to handle. It will also whistle when done. 

What I like about it is its wide top, making it easy to pour the water in – you know how you sometimes get kettles that are difficult to position under the sink? This one is not like that at all.

A great kettle if you need something simple and elegant (and it might also remind you of fresh Italian pastries too).

7 – ProCook Stovetop Induction Whistling Kettle

  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 8.36 x 21.01 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas , electric , induction , ceramic , halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

Another dome design in a stove top kettle, another reliable item you can use on any kind of hob, but that only appears to come in this stainless steel finish, so if you are in search of something a bit more colourful, this will not be to your taste.

Its handle is again cool to the touch, and the spout lid lifting mechanism is a bit more elaborate than in other kettles, so you might need to get used to it, but it is still suited to single handed use. Does whistle too. 

With its 2 litre capacity, you should be just fine for regular, in the home use, and since it’s pretty fast, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to come to the boil either.

It also feels very sturdy and heavy, so you shouldn’t worry about accidentally knocking it off the hob.

Another great stove top kettle option if you ask me.

8 – Kitchen Craft Lovello Induction Stovetop Whistling Kettle

  • Capacity: 2.5 litres
  • Dimensions: 21 x 23 x 23 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas, electric, induction, ceramic, halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

If you are looking for something just a tiny bit different, but not something over the top or extremely colourful (and likely very expensive), there is this neat model that can give you that something extra you are in need of.

This stainless steel model has an interesting hexagon design and comes in three colours, including an electric blue (and a white and grey) that is simply stunning. A great way to elevate a neutrally toned kitchen.

It’s nice and round and its handle is completely heat-proof, so you are safe from any steam-induced burns. It also has a nifty button in the handle itself that opens the spout instantly. An interesting feature, although I’m not sure how you would troubleshoot it if it got stuck? Still, I think the design is worth the odd feature. 

Its capacity is 2.5 litres, so plenty for regular use, and it can be used on most hobs (induction included), so you are good to go with this neat little stove top whistling kettle model.

9 – Victor Cast Iron Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 18.5 x 21 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas, electric, induction, ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe: yes

Here is a model that is unlike the ones we have covered so far.

This is a cast iron kettle that can work on all kinds of hobs, but it works exceptionally well on cookers that run on wood, as well as on open fires. If you want to take it camping, it will be happy to jump in the car and keep you warm when the evening chills set in.

It will also not whistle, unlike all the models so far listed. It has been modelled on a traditional Japanese design, so it operates slightly differently. Its handle is also not insulated, so you will need to use an oven mitt or glove to take it off the heat.

It comes with an infuser, so you can also use it as a teapot. If you are a fan of Asian-style tea drinking traditions, this is certainly an incredible choice.

If you are more into the traditional British kind of tea drinking, this might not be the best option, but on the other hand, if you want to try something different, this kettle won’t let you down.

10 – Soulhand Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer

  • Capacity: 1.2 litres
  • Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 16 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: gas, electric, induction, ceramic, halogen
  • Dishwasher safe: no

If you are, on the other hand, a very serious coffee drinker, let me draw your attention to this model. One of our neighbours has this and he can’t praise it enough.

Let’s cover the basics first.

This stove top kettle has a capacity of 1 litre and will work on all main hob types, including induction. It has an insulated handle but there is no spout lid, since the spout does not close.

What makes this stove top kettle so incredible is a) its goose-neck spout which allows precision pouring, and b) the thermometer at the top, which allows you to monitor the water’s temperature at all times and thus make yourself the ultimate cup of coffee.

I’m told that the trick to great coffee is in the speed and amount of water you pour over the beans, and this goose-neck allows you to take control completely, so there will be no mistakes.

In short, if you are serious about your coffee drinking habit, check this stove top kettle out before any of the others.

11 – Medelco 12-cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle

  • Capacity: 1.4 litres
  • Dimensions: 23.88 x 23.88 x 21.34 centimetres
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Heat sources: electric, gas
  • Dishwasher safe: yes

If you are looking for a simpler stove top kettle, and more specifically, if you want one made of glass, this Medelco model might be the right answer.

Personally, I’ve never actually been a fan of the glass kettle. I do like to see the water boiling inside as it takes me back to high school chemistry classes, and it doesn’t take much to imagine yourself as Walter White while you are brewing a morning cup, but there’s just something about sturdy old-fashioned kettles I prefer.

This one is much more modern, much lighter, and much more airy in design. Simple and very minimalist, but gets the job done really well.

It’s made of thermal and shock-resistant borosilicate glass, which means it won’t break that easily and that it’s perfectly safe to use on all kinds of stove tops. It comes with a lid with a heat-resistant handle, for the removal of which you will need to use your other hand, so make sure you are okay with that.

The spout itself is drip-free, so you won’t have to worry about water dripping all over your newly scrubbed hob. Of course, since it’s glass, you can just throw it in the dishwasher after use and not worry about it again.

In short, if you are looking for something a little bit different than all the classic models we have been looking at so far, this stove top kettle is a great option to consider.

12 – Tealyra – Glass Kettle Teapot

  • Capacity: 1.8 litres
  • Dimensions: 21.1 x 18.7 x 18.5 centimetres
  • Material: glass
  • Heat sources: electric, gas
  • Dishwasher safe: yes

Another glass stove top kettle model that is rather different than anything else I have covered above, this Tealyra model is actually very nifty.

It is made of the same borosilicate glass as the previously mentioned kettle, so it will withstand heat and it won’t be as liable to break. On the other hand, this one comes with a bamboo lid, and the entire kettle is in fact glass, which means the handle might get a little bit warmer than you might be used to.

True, the handle is said to be ergonomic, which just means that you can handle the kettle easily, but how warm it might actually get is another matter.

This kettle also comes with a very good filter above the spout, which will effectively keep any tea particles out of your mug while pouring, which is not something the previous model has – definitely a feature to be taken into account.

This kettle can be used to store beverages as well, and since it is so well designed, you can easily use it to serve drinks in as well, as it will fit incredibly well with any table.

It comes in at 1.8 litres, so you can just put together some iced tea, or a nice portion of iced water with mint and lemon and keep it on the dinner table during meals.

Another interesting option, but of course, this might not be what you are looking for at all.

13 – Le Creuset Zen Kettle

  • Capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Dimensions: 27 x 22 x 21 centimetres
  • Material: Carbon Steel Enamelled
  • Heat sources: electric, induction, ceramic, gas
  • Dishwasher safe: no

And last but certainly not least, we have this model.

I know this is rather a pricey option, but if budget is not an issue, you certainly might want to look at this glorious kettle.

First of all, it comes in all kinds of colours. You can pick a very neat yellow, a bright orange, a classic red, and there is also a very cute mint one.

It is of course also a good kettle, colours aside – it’s made of enamelled steel and has a heat-safe handle, and will work with any kind of hob.

It is small though, and will likely serve you no more than three cups, so do bear that in mind. It’s more of a feature piece than a sturdy family model.

You will need to wash this one by hand as well. As I’ve said, it’s more about the design and the shape than the functionality – of course it works well, it’s a kettle not a dishwasher.

If you are on the lookout for a fashionable kettle, but if the very trendy models are not within your budget, check this one out.

Choosing a Stove Top Kettle – The Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a simple, sturdy, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to clean stove top kettle that will bring your water to a boil quickly – any of the first eight models I have covered here will be a great choice. They all do the same basic thing well – that is, boil water.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a bit on the higher end, model 13 might be a nice choice.

If you are interested in glass kettles, there are two of them just at the very end, models 11 and 12.

And if you are more passionate about tea or coffee than the average Joe or Jane, take a look at numbers 9 and 10.

I do hope your next cup of tea is an incredibly enjoyable one, and that you share it with someone you care about!



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