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Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer? 

When you wash your shoes, you’ll naturally want them to dry as soon as possible. In the summer, this may be achieved by a simple shoes-in-the-window manoeuvre. But what happens in the wintertime? 

Can you use a dryer to speed things up, or will that ruin your shoes?

Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer?

You shouldn’t put shoes in the dryer, as the heat and tumbling can damage them. Even if your dryer comes with a drying rack, only dry canvas shoes and use a very low heat setting for no longer than 20 minutes. 

The heat of the dryer can warp the soles of your shoes, and it can also damage the glue used to keep them together. It may also shrink your shoes, depending on the material they were made of. And while you can unshrink your clothes, you won’t be able to unshrink your shoes. 

The tumbling is not good for your shoes either, as they can get pretty banged up and end up with dents you will not like. They will appear more worn and old, so unless that is specifically the look you are going for, use a better shoe drying method.

If your shoes are made of a canvas material, and your dryer comes with a drying rack, you can try to dry your shoes on the lowest heat setting. Even then, the best course of action is to dry them away from direct heat sources, and simply wash them on time if you need them to be clean and dry for a specific event. 

Can I Put My Wet Shoes in the Dryer?

You shouldn’t put your wet shoes in the dryer if you can avoid it. It’s best to let shoes dry naturally, in the open.

If you absolutely must dry your shoes (for example, if you got caught by the rain), you can hang them on the dryer door by their laces, and use the lowest possible heat setting. Periodically check that the shoes are not warping or shrinking, ideally every 5 minutes 

Does Putting Shoes in the Dryer Harm It?

Putting shoes in the dryer can harm them, especially if they have plastic parts or rubber soles, which can get damaged by the high heat. Your shoes can also end up shrinking.

Ideally, you want to let your shoes air dry, or use the lowest possible heat setting in the dryer, and be prepared for the shoes to be damaged. 

How Does Putting Sneakers in the Dryer Affect Them?

Putting shoes in the dryer can shrink and batter them. It can also dissolve the glue that’s keeping them together, and make them look old and worn.

Some shoes and some dryers are an okay match, but you have to check that both manufacturers have clearly said so. Most shoes will tell you not to dry them in a dryer. 

The heat and the tumbling will make them look old and battered, and you may end up irreparably damaging the adhesive that’s holding the soles together. You may also warp the soles and end up with shoes that are very uncomfortable to wear. 

Depending on the material, the shoes may also shrink or get otherwise deformed, so that they no longer fit as well as they used to. 

Is It Bad to Put Shoes in the Dryer?

Yes, putting shoes in the dryer can damage both the shoes and the dryer. You can even cause a fire if you put a flammable material in it.

Don’t put shoes in the dryer unless it’s an absolute emergency. Even then, try to source a different pair of shoes, rather than risk damage to either your footwear or your appliance. 

How Long Do You Dry Shoes in the Dryer?

If you must put your shoes in the dryer, dry them for 20 minutes on the lowest heat setting, then check them. Let them air dry if they are still slightly damp.

You can also do 5-minute bursts of low heat on your shoes, to ensure they are not getting damaged. Don’t let them tumble in the dryer, rather hang them on the door by their laces, or use a drying rack. 

How Long Do Shoes Take to Dry?

If you are putting your shoes in the dryer, do so for no longer than 20 minutes. If you are using the rice method, it will take at least 2 hours. Newspaper will take around 8 hours, while a fan will take around 2 or more. AIr drying can take even longer, but is still the best method to dry your shoes.

Always aim to wash your shoes well in advance of the occasion you need them for. If your shoes have accidentally gotten wet, let them air dry and switch to a different pair (even if it will ruin your planned outfit). 

How Can I Dry My Shoes Fast?

If you are looking to dry your shoes fast, you can use rice, newspaper or a fan. Don’t use your tumble dryer if you can help it, as it’s the most likely to cause damage to your footwear. 

The Rice Method

If you want to help your shoes dry faster, fill a couple of socks with dry rice (any kind is fine, but you may want to try basmati rice, as it absorbs the most water). Place them in your shoes and let them sit for a couple of hours. 

You can put the shoes in a closed container to speed things up even more. You can also change the rice when it gets damp. 

The Newspaper Method 

You can do the same with dry newspaper, but note that you will have to keep switching it out. Don’t put newspaper directly into the shoes, always use a pair of socks you don’t really like, as the wet paper will stick to them and may even leave stains. 

The Fan Method

If you have a fan on hand, turn it on and point it at your shoes. Ideally, you want to hang them up, so more air can get into them. Leave the fan on a high speed for a couple of hours. 

The Hair Dryer Method

You can also try using a hair dryer, but only on the cool setting. Blasting your shoes with hot air will have the same effect as putting them in the dryer. Never point hot air into your shoes, as they can catch on fire, even if they are still wet. 

The Air Drying Method

The best way to dry your shoes is to let them air dry. Find a shady spot (as the sun can bleach and discolour them over time), and let them sit outside. You can dry clothes outside in the winter, and the same goes for shoes too. If you don’t have an outdoor spot, you can let them dry in the window too. 

The Best Way to Dry Shoes

The best way to dry your shoes is to let them air dry in a spot where they are not directly exposed to sunlight. 

Remove the laces and the insole and let them dry separately (you can also wash them separately, to get the stains around the holes out completely). Pull the tongue out to improve air flow. 

Don’t dry your shoes in direct sunlight, as the colours will start to fade, and you can also warp the soles.

Wrapping It Up 

However tempting it may be, don’t dry your shoes in the dryer. It may seem like the fastest way to do it, but it is also the most likely one to irreparably damage your shoes. 


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