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Can You Plug a Toaster Into an Extension Cord?

Toasters are a very useful appliance that can make any morning a better one. And while what the numbers on them mean can at times be confusing, having one in your life and kitchen is a great excuse for a family breakfast, or a late-night snack. 

Where do you place the toaster will naturally be a question you ask yourself. Do you store it in a cupboard and get it out every time you want to use it? Do you keep it on the counter? And more importantly, do you plug it into the wall socket, or do you plug it into an extension cord?

Can You Plug a Toaster Into an Extension Cord?

While most manufacturers advise you not to plug a toaster into an extension cord, you can do it, provided that you choose the right kind of extension cord, and unplug your toaster after you have finished using it. 

Most appliances that produce heat, like toasters or sandwich makers, are supposed to be plugged directly into a wall socket, as they require a lot of power. 

Garden variety extension cords can’t provide this kind of power, and they are often too thin and too long for the task. They may overheat and even cause a fire, or simply damage your toaster. 

If you are going to use an extension cord, it needs to be heavy duty, of the right wattage and gauge, as short as possible, and plugged into a grounded outlet. 

Can I Plug a Toaster Oven Into a Regular Outlet?

Yes, you can plug a toaster oven into a regular outlet, provided that it is grounded and that it has the right wattage, which will practically always be the case.

Toasters are meant to be plugged into wall sockets, as opposed to extension cords, so plugging them into a regular kitchen outlet will be just fine. 

Can a Toaster Oven Be Plugged Into Any Outlet?

Yes, you can plug a toaster oven into practically any wall outlet. A toaster is meant to be plugged into the wall, so you will be making the right choice.

All appliances that generate heat, like halogen heaters, coffee machines, air fryers, popcorn makers or toasters, will ideally be plugged into their own plug in the wall. 

If you are plugging a toaster into an extension cord, you must make sure it is powerful enough to handle it. 

Can a Microwave and Toaster Oven be on the Same Outlet?

Yes, you can use the same outlet for your microwave and toaster, but make sure you are not using them at the same time. 

Both your microwave and your toaster will be using a lot of power, so if you need to use them at the same time, move the toaster and plug it into a different outlet, to make sure you don’t trip your circuit breakers. 

You can plug a microwave into an extension cord as well, provided that it is heavy duty and of the right gauge and wattage.

Why Are Toaster Oven Cords So Short?

Toaster cords are short because they are better at providing the kind of power the appliance needs to operate. Longer cords mean more voltage drops, which can cause all kinds of issues. 

Contrary to what you may believe, manufacturers are not trying to annoy you with the short toaster cords. They need to be this short because they need to deliver a whole lot of power, which is much more difficult with a longer, thinner cord. 

Also, toasters will most often sit on a counter, so chances are there is a wall outlet just nearby. 

How to Choose the Right Extension Cord for a Toaster Oven?

The extension cord you use for your toaster needs to be of the right gauge and match the wattage and amperage rating of your toaster. It also needs to be as short as possible.

Don’t just use any extension cord you have in your home to plug in your toaster. Carefully consider the following:

Wattage and Amperage 

First, check the wattage and amperage rating of your toaster. It will be on the label somewhere on the toaster, or you can check the manufacturer’s manual online. The higher the wattage, the more current your toaster will need. 

To get its amperage, you will need to divide the watts with the volts of your toaster. It may also be written on the same label. 

Make sure that the extension cord you buy matches these numbers. 


The gauge of a wire is its diameter, to put it simply. It determines how much current (or amperage) it can carry. The larger the size, the more amperes it can support. However, a bit counter-intuitively, you will be looking for an extension cord with a low gauge: 10 or 12 should be what you aim for. 


The longer the cord, the more voltage drops you can expect, as there will be more electrical resistance along the line. This is why you are aiming for a short extension cord, with a thick wire. 

Is it Safe to Plug a Toaster Oven Into an Extension Cord?

Yes, it is safe to plug a toaster oven into an extension cord, as long as you get the right kind. You need to match the wattage rating of the extension cord to that of your toaster.

Ideally, you want an extension cord that will be able to carry more power than your toaster actually needs. That way, you can prevent any potential fire hazards and circuit breaker trips. 

When you overload an extension cord, all kinds of horrible things can happen, so don’t use a random one you have lying around, get one specifically for your toaster. 

How to Safely Use an Extension Cord With a Toaster Oven?

When plugging a toaster into an extension cord, make sure that it has the right wattage rating. Toasters can go up to 1500 watts, so you want an extension cord that can at least match that, but ideally supersede it. 

You also want a quality cord that is completely intact. No fraying, no damage, no stains. Also, make sure to keep checking the cord for any damage from time to time, to prevent any accidents. 

Finally, you must always plug the extension cord into a grounded outlet. This will ensure there is a safe path for the current to follow if there is a power surge for whatever reason. Were your toaster to malfunction, the current would likely cause a fire without a grounded outlet. With one, it will harmlessly be directed into the ground. 

Wrapping It Up 

When plugging your toaster into an extension cord, make sure to check the wattage and amperage to prevent any fire hazards. Clean your toaster regularly to make sure it stays in good working order, and enjoy your morning toast! 


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