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Why Are Blinds So Expensive?

Having to change your blinds often turns out to be more of an expense than you initially bargained for. After all, they are such insignificant items, at least compared to the TV, the coffee table or the sofa: why do they cost so much then?

Let’s take a look at the reasons blinds cost so much, and explore whether they are actually worth the price tag, and if they warrant a splurge. 

Why Are Blinds So Expensive?

Blinds are so expensive because they are considered a luxury, and not a necessity. After all, you are able to substitute them with curtains or shades, and save yourself quite a pretty penny. 

There are other reasons for the steeper price tag as well: 

Blinds are an Infrequent Purchase 

Blinds are not a product you are likely to purchase often. You may find yourself changing your blinds for different windows, but once you invest in the ones you like, they will most likely stay put for a decade or even longer. Unless you are doing a complete home renovation, you probably won’t think about them twice until something goes wrong with them. 

Since blind manufacturers know that they probably won’t be seeing you again for quite a long time, they will set premium prices for their one-off products. 

Livingroom with modern furniture and half drawn blinds

Blinds Come With All Kinds of Features

Blinds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: quite literally. And they also come with various features: noiseless, cordless, motorised, blackout, and so on, you can take your pick. The more they can do, the more expensive they will naturally be. 

When considering your blind purchase, make sure to give the features you need a decent ponder: do you really need to splurge on a set of remote-controlled blinds? Or will manual ones do? 

If you need to pay for the installation as well, perhaps it’s a better idea to buy the ones you want to be looking at for at least the next several years now, than have to change them again in the near future. 

Blinds Aren’t Considered a Must

Like must luxury purchases, blinds come with a higher price tag, simply because you are able to live without them. 

The logic behind the price is straightforward: if you really want to purchase this item, you won’t mind paying for it, no matter what the cost, within reason. 

Quality Demands a Higher Price

If you want to purchase blinds that will last you a long time, you need to expect to pay a higher price for the quality of the product. This is in fact true for every purchase you make: quality has a higher price tag. 

While you can certainly find quite cheap blinds, chances are they will start getting on your nerves quite quickly. They may not fit your windows perfectly, they may get caught and start to fray in a matter of months, and quickly make you regret not investing in a better quality model. 

Custom Blinds are Even More Expensive

If your windows are not of a standard size, and you need to buy custom blinds, you can expect them to be even more expensive. 

A fair amount of labour goes into measuring and manufacturing a custom set, so the price will be increased by the added effort that goes into making them. 

Hanging Blinds is Labour-Intensive 

Finally, you may also need to hire someone to help you hang your blinds, especially if they are very heavy, or very large. Hanging blinds is a two-person job at the least anyway, so the cost of a two-man team paying a visit to your home will rack up the price.

What is the Average Cost of Blinds?

The average cost of blinds is between £5 and £150 for ready-made blinds, and between £10 and £500 for custom-made blinds. 

The price itself will of course depend on the blinds’ size, and the material they are made out of. Roller and venetian blinds will cost a lot less than wooden blinds or roman blinds. 

You should also factor in the cost of installation. If you have ordered bespoke blinds, the company that makes them will likely also offer an installation service, which they may or may not charge for. 

If you are hiring your own handyperson, they will likely charge around £20 or £30 per hour. 

Are Good Blinds Worth It?

Good blinds will always be worth the price, as they will last you a long time. 

They will help you control the amount of light that penetrates into your home, and will protect you from harmful UV rays. They will ensure you have plenty of privacy in your own home, and aren’t exposed to your neighbours’ curious glances.

Blinds that come with horizontal or vertical slats are versatile and can be adjusted to match your needs quite easily. You will be able to both let plenty of light in, but still maintain a high level of privacy. 

Good quality blinds are also energy efficient, and can help you lower your electricity bill, as you won’t have to turn the AC on as frequently. 

They will also come in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it quite easy to match them with the existing style of your home. Plus, they will be easy to clean, and won’t demand too much effort on your part in terms of upkeep and maintenance. 

Are Blinds More Expensive Than Curtains?

While blinds tend to be a bit more expensive than curtains, the price will ultimately depend on their quality. 

You can find curtains for as little as a few pounds. They will be made from a cotton blend, and won’t be all that nice. On the other hand, curtains can cost you several thousands of pounds, if they are made out of a luxury fabric. 

Blinds can be quite cheap too, if they are made from plastic or vinyl. Wooden blinds or those made of more quality vinyl will be more expensive, but they will last longer and be easier to clean.

Are Shutters or Blinds Cheaper?

Blinds will most often be cheaper than shutters. However, while shutters come with a higher initial cost, they tend to last longer, and may also raise the value of your home.

Quality shutter will cost more than quality blinds, especially given the cost of installation. They may not be as practical either, so make sure you carefully consider what it is you are trying to achieve: control the amount of light that enters a room, boost the exterior of your home, or find a way to keep the glances of passers-by away from your private life. 

Wrapping It Up 

Blinds may seem like an extortionate expense, but they can be quite the life-saver, especially on a hot summer day. As with any other household purchase, consider your needs and budget before you spend actual money, and try to envision your home in five years’ time. Will the blinds be worth it then? 


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