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How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll?

Are you familiar with the sinking feeling that accompanies sitting down to do your business on the toilet only to discover there is no toilet paper left? And you could have sworn you put a new roll on the holder just yesterday. 

Why do toilet paper rolls always seem to last less than expected? Are we using too much, or are rolls just getting shorter? How long is a toilet paper roll anyway, and how long does it last?

How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll?

The exact length of a toilet paper roll will depend on the brand. On average, a roll will be around 23 metres long, which equals about 75 feet, or half the length of an Olympic swimming pool. 

The number of plies and sheets will of course impact the overall length of a roll. Some brands make jumbo rolls with extra sheets, while others are very skinny and barely last longer than a couple of uses.

How long a roll will last depends on the number of sheets you use per visit to the toilet, if you also use toilet paper for blowing your nose and cleaning the bathroom, and which toilet paper you’ve purchased in the first place.

What Is the Length of My Toilet Paper Roll?

The only way to tell how long your roll of toilet paper is is to measure one sheet and multiply the length with the number of sheets indicated on the packaging. Most brands don’t list the length of their rolls, so you will have to get crafty. 

You can also google it, as there are quite a few articles online that tell you how long toilet paper rolls by some popular brands are. 

Are All Toilet Paper Squares the Same Size?

The toilet paper squares on one roll of toilet paper will be the same size. There is however no standard size, so different brands make squares of different sizes.

You can do a little experiment and measure the squares of the toilet paper brands you usually buy. You’ll likely notice a fast difference, and most squares may turn out to be rectangles. 

How Much Does a Toilet Paper Roll Weigh?

The average toilet paper roll will weigh around 220 grams. The actual weight will depend on the brand, material of the paper, number of plies and the bonding used. 

The main factor that will influence the weight of a toilet paper roll is the material used to make it. Recycled and non-recycled paper will weigh differently, as will white and coloured toilet paper. 

The more plies per roll, the thicker each sheet will be, and thus the entire roll will weigh more too. Depending on the way the paper was perforated and bonded, you will also see differences in weight. 

The same type of toilet roll made by different brands will also often vary in weight. 

How Long Will My Toilet Paper Roll Last?

How long a toilet paper roll will last will depend on how you use it more than the brand or toilet roll length. On average, you will be using 8-10 sheets per toilet visit, so you can do the math. 

Let me add a caveat right here. While writing this article, I spoke to three people about the amount of toilet sheets they use per toilet visit. Their answers ranged from 3-5 up to 20-30, so there may not actually be an acceptable average number of sheets you should be using. As long as you leave the toilet clean and wipe in the right direction, you’re fine. 

Here’s what will impact how long your roll of toilet paper will last:

  • If you use thicker toilet paper with more plies, you will likely be using fewer sheets and vice versa. A 3-ply toilet roll will thus last you longer than a 1-ply one. 
  • The size of each sheet will also impact usage. If you buy toilet paper that comes with extra large sheets, it is likely to last longer. 
  • The number of people who use the same roll of toilet paper will also impact how long it lasts, as will their gender. Women use more sheets per trip to the bathroom, and will naturally use more of it. 
  • If you also use the toilet paper to wipe your nose, clean the toilet or for general wiping, it will shorten the lifespan of each roll.

If you use toilet paper to pick up hair around the bathroom, remember not to flush it. Hair should not be flushed, as it can clog up your toilet, so throw your little bundle in the trash. 

Wrapping It Up 

How you use your toilet paper will play the most important role in determining how long it will last. How long it is will, ultimately, matter much less. 


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