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Table Top Dishwashers for Those Who Hate Washing Up

Let me preface this by saying that in our household, washing the dishes is considered Undesirable Chore No. 1. We all hate doing it.

In fact, we hate doing it so much that we are now the proud owners of not one, but two dishwashers.

We have a full-sized dishwasher in the kitchen we will discuss at some other time, but we also have a table top dishwasher that we lug around the house.

Tom sometimes takes it out to his office to do the dishes there, especially when he has people over for meetings, and I set it up in the kitchen when I need to do extra loads, most often when we entertain, or when both kids + spouses + grand-kids are staying.

I’ve found that the benefits of owning a table top dishwasher are vast:

  • It’s small and semi-easily portable, depending on the model you choose
  • Using a dishwasher, as opposed to washing the dishes by hand, saves water, energy and time
  • It cleans the dishes better
  • You can store it in a cupboard when not using it, as it is not much larger than a microwave
  • You just hook one hose up to a faucet and place the other hose in the sink, so it’s easy to use (although, some models will need to be plumbed in like regular dishwashers)

However, it’s not always ideal:

  • It can fit only so many plates and glasses at a time
  • You need to hook it up and disconnect it every time
  • It’s not practical for larger families
  • Some models can be a bit on the loud side 

I’d recommend a table top dishwasher to all of you who don’t need to run too many loads a day (you live alone or in a pair, or you eat out a lot and don’t cook all that much), and those among you who live in small flats or are renting. You could even use a table top dishwasher in a dorm if you wanted to, so it can be a great choice for students too. Mobile homes and RVs are also a great home to one of these counter top dishwashers. 

Nester Pro Tip: Load your table top dishwasher with all the pots and pans as soon as you plate your food. That way, it can run a cycle while you eat, and you can pop the plates and glasses in afterwards.

How to Choose the Best Table Top Dishwasher

As with any other product, there are dozens of factors to consider before you purchase a table top dishwasher, but your choice will ultimately boil down to personal preferences. 

Let me run some of the most important ones down for you here:


In order to avoid the catastrophe we had with the sink (spoiler alert, it did not fit by any means), make sure you carefully measure the counter or table where you want to house your table top dishwasher. Then make sure you measure it again, and write the numbers down. You wouldn’t believe how often we’ve mixed dimensions up (and ended up with a rug too long for the bedroom).

Think of it as a slightly larger microwave, if you need a reference – but bear in mind there are larger (and smaller) models available as well.

Another factor to consider is the height the dishwasher will be placed at: if the water draining out of the appliance needs to go above the level of the counter you have placed it on, you will need to look for a model that comes with a pump.

When looking at different models, don’t go for one that is a near-fit, rather opt for something that has some extra wiggle room as well.

Make sure you also have the storage space available if you want to store your dishwasher somewhere when not in use!


Most table top dishwashers come with two pipes, one that connects to the kitchen tap to provide fresh water, and the other, the waste pipe, can be placed in the sink itself for drainage. There are also models that work like regular dishwashers, and that need to be fully plumbed in.

Depending on the model you choose, there might be some level of plumbing skill required, so make sure you have someone handy on hand who can handle it for you if you are not quite certain which end goes where.

Also make sure that where you want to place the dishwasher is in close proximity to the sink, or other source of water. And don’t forget the plug socket!


Table top dishwashers will have less space than regular models. Some can accommodate as many as six place settings, but larger pots and pans simply don’t make the cut in the same load. There are models that have adjustable racks and interiors, so you might be able to get away with larger items as well.

Make sure you measure your plates and pans before making a purchase + consider how often you need to run the dishwasher, and if it will be able to meet your washing requirements.

I often find that loading a dishwasher is like assembling a puzzle, and have my own preferred way of doing it.

(Tom of course does it the other way around, and we used to bicker about it no end. We’ve since learned not to unload each other’s loads.)

Here’s a handy guide if you want to check your dish-puzzle-assembling skills:

Programs and Other Features

Some older models will likely be able to run only a single program – but the latest table top dishwashers have different programs available, and come with all sorts of features, so make sure you also consider the temperature levels and program length you are looking for. 

Some also have a drying feature, which you may or may not wish to use, but it is certainly a factor to consider as well. 

Check out your preferred model’s energy use and how it will affect your utility bills and energy consumption. Most models require less water than you’d need were you to wash your dishes by hand, but it’s good to know exactly what kinds of numbers you are looking at, especially if you are trying to be more eco-conscious.

7 Best Table Top Dishwashers to Buy in the UK in 2021

Here is my list of the 7 best table top dishwashers available in the UK right now (in no particular order, as I find all of them do a good job – but they differ in terms of price, size, design, and so on):

(and I do apologise if some of them are out of stock, I promise they weren’t when I was writing this)

1 – Klarstein Amazonia 6 Table Top Dishwasher

  • Weight: 21 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 55 x 49.5 x 43.5 centimetres
  • Noise level: 49 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 174 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption: 1820 litres
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: black

This is a great table top dishwasher, and probably the best model on this list.

It comes in black (which may or may not fit in with the aesthetics of your kitchen – so that could be a drawback), and has 6 different programs (including eco, quick, normal, glass, 90 minutes and intensive).

It has an A+ energy rating, which means it won’t be too taxing on your utility bills, but is still powerful enough to clean even those plates you’ve left on the counter top without rinsing them after an evening of tikka masala on extra sticky rice.

Another plus is how easy it is to set up: no real plumbing experience required. All you need to do is hook the fresh water hose up to your tap, and place the waste hose in the sink. The instruction manual that comes with is detailed enough to guide you through the process even if you have never set an appliance like this up before.

Weighing in at 21 kilograms, it is easy enough to move around, but you can install it permanently if you wish to do so as well.

The Klarstein Amazonia 6 is also easy to use: there are three buttons to fiddle with and an LED display that tells you what program you are running, and how much time there is left until the dishes are done.

As the name itself suggests, this table top dishwasher houses 6 place settings, which is excellent for a table top. You can also fit most pots and pans inside (although sometimes not much else alongside), and the intensive program cleans them superbly well.

A top notch appliance, and definitely Confused Nester approved! 

  • Visually appealing
  • Cleans dishes really well
  • Easy to install and use
  • Small and light enough to be easily portable
  • Has plenty of space
  • Larger items will need to be washed separately
  • Only comes in black

2 – Zanussi ZDM17301SA Table Top Dishwasher (A+)

  • Weight: 24.3 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 43.8 centimetres
  • Noise level: 50 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 171 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption: 1820 litres
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: silver

This silver Zanussi model is very compact and very efficient.

It has the space to wash 6 place settings in one load, and the plates you can fit inside can be up to 9 inches wide. Not ideal if you are looking to fit in a lot of larger items at the same time, but a good option for smaller households nevertheless.

There are six programs at your disposal, including glass, intensive, quick wash and economy, and there are also two temperature settings to choose from. The quick wash option is particularly fast (30 minutes only), and can efficiently deal with slightly spoiled items, while the intensive setting will clean even the toughest stains from your pots and pans (even if you do end up slightly burning the brownies). 

This table top dishwasher is also fairly silent (coming in at 50dB), so you won’t be able to hear it from another room. Ideal if you have a sleeping child or two on your hands.

The slight downside of this model comes in the form of a bit more challenging installation, as it does not simply hook up to your faucet, and you might need to rope in some professional help. It is also a bit heavier at 24.3 kilograms, so moving it around might not be as easy as with some other models on this list.

Another disadvantage of this Zanussi model are its drying capacities – as some items might come out of quick wash still wet, you will need to dry them further.

It is however easy to use, with three buttons and an LED display that will tell you what setting you are running, and when the dishes are coming out of the wash.

Overall, a good choice if you are looking for a dependable table top dishwasher. 

  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Good fit for smaller homes
  • Good cleaning power
  • More complex installation
  • Larger items need to be washed on their own
  • Dry feature is not top notch

3 – ElectriQ 6 Place Table Top Dishwasher (A+)

  • Weight: 21 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 55 x 50 x 43.8 centimes
  • Noise level: 49 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 171 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption: 1820 litres  
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: silver

This electriQ model is a great addition to small spaces – it was designed with RVs and holiday homes in mind, so it is compact, easy to use and move around, but packs a mighty punch all the same.

You can connect this model to your water supply either of two ways: either to the kitchen tap (easy and straightforward, especially if you want to disconnect it every once in a while), or plumbed in like any other dishwasher (in case you want it to sit still).

This table top dishwasher can house up to 6 place settings and also has a cutlery basket, to make stacking your dishes just a bit easier (and avoid the potential domestic).

It also has a Baby Care function that cleans bottles very efficiently, leaving you with more time on your hands, so is an excellent choice for families who are just finding their feet around their newborn. 

There are also 7 programs you can choose from, including rapid, intensive and eco – where rapid will get the job done in half an hour if you are in a rush, whereas eco will take over two hours, but it will also use the least amount of energy and water. You can also make good use of the 24-hour delay feature and have clean and fresh dishes waiting for you after a long day at the office.

This electriQ model also comes with a drying feature that is not all that good. It can take over an hour to completely dry your dishes, but if you are willing to overlook that (and dry your dishes yourself, which is also the more eco-conscious way of doing things), this table top dishwasher is a great choice.

You will need to divide and conquer again, and wash larger items separately, but as that is the case with most counter top dishwashers, this model can be all you are looking for.

  • Small and compact, great for small spaces
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Two installation options that will fit any home
  • Great for families with babies
  • The drying feature is not the best
  • Silver may not match your home’s aesthetic

4 – Cookology Mini Table Top Dishwasher

  • Weight: 21 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 55 x 50 x 44 centimes
  • Noise level: 49 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 174 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption:  1820 litres
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: white

Another small yet powerful appliance you can get for your kitchen is this Cookology model.

It can be connected to your tap or plumbed in like any regular dishwasher would, meaning you can easily both move it around, and have it sit inside a cupboard, ready for use. Fitting it to the tap will come with some challenges though, so make sure you check which parts and tools you will need before purchasing it. 

Like most table top dishwasher models, it can house 6 place settings, while larger items will need to be washed separately. It has seven programs (intensive, normal, eco, rapid, 90 minutes, glass and self-cleaning), and also comes with a 24-hour delay timer, ideal if you want to turn it on when the energy prices are lowest.

And while most table top dishwashers are roughly the same size as microwaves, this one also looks like one. Its design is very modern and sleek, and will be a nice fit in most kitchens. The fact that it’s white should also make it an easy-to-imagine addition to your space.

It’s A+++ energy rating means it will save you more power in the long run, especially if you only run it when full, and during the most opportune times of the day. Also note that this is the only A+++ appliance on this list, so if that’s a crucial factor for you, this is your model. 

Tiny but mighty is the best way to describe this table top dishwasher – and another excellent choice if you are in the market for one. 

  • Tiny but strongnHas a 24-hour delay optionn
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Larger items will need to be washed on their ownn
  • Difficult to fit to tap

5 – Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Table Top Dishwasher (F)

  • Weight: 21 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 55 x 43.5 x 50 centimetres
  • Noise level: 49 decibels
  • Energy Rating: F
  • Yearly Energy Usage 174 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption  1820 litres
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: white

Another Klarstein model on my list, this one is a bit more stylish than the first option.

What makes it really stand out is the glass door on the front, and the sleek design that can fit into any kitchen with ease. You can keep it as a freestanding dishwasher, but it can also be built into a cabinet or a cupboard, if that’s what you’d prefer. You can install it yourself, as no specific plumbing knowledge will be required. Do have someone on hand if you are not sure what to do though.

It comes with different programs to cover all of your dishwashing needs: intensive, normal, eco, glass, fast, soak and 90 minutes, and the dishes will come out squeaky clean.

Like all the others, this one can also fit 6 place settings in one wash + wash anything that is large and particularly soiled separately. It also comes with a cutlery basket, which adds to the economy of the space. Its interior is very well designed, so it is quite compact, yet large enough for a small household.

This Klarstein model is also fairly silent, at only 49 dB, so you won’t have to worry about making a lot of racket when doing the dishes. Even if it’s not as energy-efficient as some of the other models I’ve listed, it’s still more efficient than doing the dishes by hand.

What I particularly liked about this one is the design – it looks like an oven, and the glass door is a very nice feature (I like to see what’s going on in my appliances – I know, it’s a bit odd).

A great purchase if you ask me, and from one of the top brands in the table top dishwasher arena. 

  • Looks amazing, very sleek and stylish
  • Excellent washing abilities
  • Kind to your energy bills
  • Larger items won’t fit into it all at once

6 – Bosch SKS62E22EU (A+)

  • Weight: 23 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 50 x 55.1 x 45 centimetres
  • Noise level: 48 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 174 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption: 2240 litres
  • Capacity: 6 place settings 
  • Colour: white 

A Bosch table top dishwasher that seems to be quite popular (at least according to my Google search), this one is a very well-made and a very reliable model. It is however on the more expensive side than some of the others I’ve featured so far (which is why this is the second to last one I will talk about).

What makes this appliance stand out are its load sensors, which will automatically detect the size of your load and use only the minimal amount of water and energy needed to give it a thorough clean. It also comes with aqua sensors that distribute the water optimally, depending on the type and severity of the stains on your dishes.

There are six different programs to choose from: where the quick wash is only 29 minutes long, and the eco mode truly saves you some energy and water, but also takes 225 minutes to finish. However, you can just stick to auto mode, as the built-in sensors tailor each wash to its specific needs.

The drying system of this model is also very good, and will leave your dishes sparkling and ready to use.

The downside is the installation: you need to plumb it in, and as you most often won’t be able to do that yourself, you will also need to add the price of a plumber to your expenses list. You can store it in a cupboard though, but you can also house it in plain sight.

With the usual 6 place settings, this Bosch number can do everything you expect from a table top dishwasher, and more.

If you don’t mind the price, then I’d highly recommend this model, as it is truly just that bit more sophisticated than the others I have listed. 

  • Very powerful
  • Has built-in sensors that do an excellent job
  • Excellent drying system
  • A bit on the pricier side
  • Complicated installation

7 – Cookology Mini Table Top Dishwasher with Baby Bottle Rack

  • Weight: 14 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 42 x 43.5 x 43.5
  • Noise level: 58 decibels
  • Energy Rating: A
  • Yearly Energy Usage: 125 kilowatt hours
  • Annual Water Consumption:  1400 litres
  • Capacity: 2 place settings 
  • Colour: silver

Yet another Cookology table top dishwasher, this time in an even smaller version, but with a baby bottle rack that can come quite in handy.

Much smaller than the other appliances on this list, but one I wanted to include nevertheless, in case you have a baby (or babies), and are looking for just that little bit of extra help that can make a difference between not sleeping at all, or getting an extra hours’ sleep.

This table top dishwasher has room for 2 place settings, which makes it ideal for couples (or singles). It’s a freestanding unit, and comes in a nice silver finish.

It is a bit louder than other models, so if you have a tiny apartment and are sleeping right next to the kitchen, this might not be the best option for you.

However, as you can move it around a lot, and don’t have to plumb it in (you fill a tank at the top of the dishwasher with water, and run the drainage pipe into the sink), it can be a great portable asset. If you live alone and hate doing the washing up, just leave it running overnight, and you will wake up to a clean kitchen, hassle free.

It also has a program that washes fruits and veg, which can be another excellent way to delegate, and save a bit of water in the process.

While this model certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, if you are looking for something small, but that can get the job done well, this is the perfect little appliance for you.

  • Great for really small kitchens
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Stylish design
  • Can’t wash many dishes at once
  • Louder than other models

The Final Verdict 

If you were now to ask me which model I recommend, I would have to say: all of them.

Depending on what it is you are looking for, you will be happy with any of the models listed here. 

If you are looking for something truly sophisticated and powerful, I’d go for the Bosch SKS62E22EU. However, bear in mind the price tag.

For something tiny in a single’s apartment, I’d go for the Cookology Mini Table Top Dishwasher – as it really is the smallest of the bunch. 

Either of the Klarstein models will work well for you if you are looking for a hardworking and sleek machine that can take a load off your mind (pun intended).

But that’s not saying the remaining three models are lacking in any way – one of the rare beauties of the modern consumer society is that we really are spoiled for choice. Making yours should hopefully not be that difficult now you have gotten this far. 

To Wrap It Up

There we are – these are the best table top dishwashers I have found in the UK that I feel do a good job, come at a decent price, and can fit into different kinds of needs.

Before making your choice, take into account all the other points I have covered as well (like dimensions, loading capacities, and the like), and most importantly, consider your budget.

Hopefully, one of the tabletop dishwashers on this list will make an excellent addition to your home, and make life that bit easier.

Do let me know if you purchase one and how it’s shaping up!



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