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7 Time- and Effort-Saving Hand Blenders for Modern Cooks

You can probably already tell I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances. Anything that can make the time I spend preparing food shorter and more enjoyable, I’m all for it. It’s not that I don’t like to cook – I love it, it’s just that I want it to be mess-free and as smooth of a ride as possible.

However, I do have to admit I have a whole lot of gadgets that essentially do sort of the same thing (as Tom likes to point out when he accidentally opens the wrong cabinet and comes face to face with my stash). But I just can’t really resist, I love testing them out, and I find someone else will always appreciate some form of kitchen aid, if I don’t end up keeping it.

It all started with Jamie Oliver and his blenders of course, but I have since graduated to all kinds of other tools, including the hand blender, which is admittedly one of my favourites.

On the face of it, you can do everything a hand blender does by hand. And you can. However, it will save you a potential wrist sprain, and it will get the job done in a fraction of the time, so I do advise treating yourself to one.

You can use it to blend, mash, puree, whisk, or even chop and dice, depending on the kind of blender you choose and the accessories it comes with – but before we jump into actual blenders, let’s look at some handy buying advice first:

What to Look for in a Hand Blender

Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for when selecting your ideal hand blender.

Power: contrary to popular belief, more power does not always equal a better blending experience with a hand blender. One with lower wattage might serve you better than one that is very powerful, as a lot of its efficiency has to do with design, and the way food actually circulates.

Material: blenders can come in all sorts of materials, most popularly metal or plastic. If you can, always go for the metal option, as it will stain less, and will be easier to clean.

Controls: you want a hand blender that is easy to use, even when your hands are dirty or wet, so consider the location of the power button, and how easy it is to get to it mid-blend. You should also consider the number of available speeds – some models have only one, which will to an extent limit your blending and mixing abilities, so make sure you choose a hand blender that will do exactly what you need it to.

Cord: hand blenders can be corded or cordless, so depending on the availability of plug sockets in your kitchen, you might want to go for a fully mobile one.

Accessories : different models will have different kinds of accessories, while you will have to pay extra for others. This can actually be a good thing, as you won’t end up with a bunch of hand blender heads you don’t actually use or need. Think about the duty you want your hand blender to perform, and make sure all your deal-breaker accessories are included.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Whisk – you can use this for eggs and light batters, but not for heavy mixtures, like cake batter
  • Chopper – you can use it for chopping onions and garlic, nuts and herbs
  • Slicer or grater – good for cheese, apples, carrots, and the like
  • Double beater – this is the one you need for thicker batter
  • Masher – ideal for potatoes

7 Hand Blenders to Consider

Let’s jump right into the actual hand blenders I would recommend:

1 – Braun MultiQuick 1 MQ100 Hand Blender

  • Power: 450 watts
  • Speed settings: 1
  • RPM: 12500
  • Accessories: beaker, 0.6 litres
  • Cord: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 0.54 kilograms

If you are looking for a straightforward hand blender that will help you make delicious soups and healthy smoothies, this Braun number is just what the doctor ordered.

It is affordable, it is easy to use, it has a one-touch function (and just the one speed) and it is actually rather powerful. Its blades are made of stainless steel, so they are not at all likely to break and you can use them safely.

You can pop the head in the dishwasher (or just use a bit of warm water and dishwashing liquid), so it’s also easy to clean.

It comes with a jug that isn’t actually all that useful, but you don’t have to use it if you prefer one of your own. Not bad if you have nothing else on hand though.

The obvious downside is that it only comes with the one head, so if you are looking for more of a multifunctional device, this one is not for you. But if you are only on the market for a simple blender, this is a great option.

2 – Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241

  • Power: 200 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Accessories: blending foot
  • Cord: 1.15 meters
  • Weight: 0.78 kilograms

Another very affordable and very straightforward model is this Russell Hobbs hand blender. It has no extra bells and whistles, and it only does the one job: it blends.

It comes in at 200 watts, no it’s not all that powerful, but should be okay for your regular soup – not much else though, so bear that in mind. Great for making baby food as well, if that’s what you are looking for.

Its head is made of plastic and not metal, so it is more susceptible to both stains and heat damage, but at the price, you can’t really beat it. The blades though are still stainless steel, so they do a good job of blending, which is what you are essentially looking for.

Its design means it might be a bit tougher to clean, but not impossible, you’ll just have to put in a bit more effort.

This one also has two speeds, so you can do a bit of adjusting, but not much more than that.

An affordable, easy to use and very simple model.

3 – Kenwood Triblade System Hand Blende

  • Power: 800 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Accessories: beaker, 0.75 litres
  • Cord: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 0.96 kilograms

Let’s look at one more simple and to the point model, shall we, before we jump into hand blenders that come with added accessories, and most often, a higher price tag.

This Kenwood hand blender is pretty powerful at 800 watts, but it provides only one speed. There is however a pulse button you can use when you come across some tougher ingredients.

It is nicely designed and easy to hold, and you can reach all of the buttons while blending, so no issues there. It is also dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about any fiddly washing up either.

It also comes with a 0.75 litre beaker that is specifically designed to make blending easier, as it has special ribs that push the food down onto the blades. You can easily hold onto it as it has a non-slip handle, and it also features a lid, minimising the mess you are making.

You also get a masher attachment, so if bangers and mash is your favourite comfort food, you can make the perfect dish with this hand blender every time, lump free.

Still a rather simple model, but affordable and easy to use and maintain.

4 – Braun MQ3025 Spaghetti Hand Blender

  • Power: 700 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Accessories: beaker, 0.6 litres; chopper bowl, 0.35 litres; whisk
  • Cord: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 0.78 kilograms

First of all, let’s make it quite clear that this hand blender does not make spaghetti – it’s just the name of the product. Why they chose the name beats me.

This one does come with some added attachments as well, so you can also whisk and chop, and not only blend. It is still an affordable option though, easy to use with a good grip and a nice handle. There are two speeds to choose from, so you can adjust your vigour to the dish at hand.

Its chopping attachments is very good, as is the whisk – it will make short order of your egg whites in no time.

You can also wash this one in the dishwasher, so nothing to fiddle with after the meal prep is done. On the other hand, since it comes with so many different parts, you might need a bit more storage space.

Great if you are looking for something a bit more complex than the simplest hand blender, a mid-range option definitely worth your attention. Not quite an all-in-one, but amazing for the most common kitchen tasks.

5 – Lakeland Hand Blender Set

  • Power: 600 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • Accessories: beaker, 0.7 litres; chopper bowl, 0.35 litres; whisk
  • Cord: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 1.4 kilograms

Another similar option, if you are looking for something that will blend, chop and whisk, this time from Lakeland.

It comes in at 600 watts, meaning it is rather powerful, and it also has a turbo button that will help you deal with any slightly harder ingredients. The low speed function is great for softer foods, especially in soups.

The heads can easily be detached and swapped, even in mid-use, and the actual hand blender is easy to handle and fits nicely in your hand. However, the attachments need to be washed by hand, which is certainly something to consider if you are looking for a no muss, no fuss kind of gadget.

It also comes with a measuring cup you can use to blend and whisk in, meaning you won’t have to get an additional dish dirty just to get your measurements right.

A good option if you are looking for something mid-tier that can do more than just blend, reliable and sturdy.

6 – Bamix 100.309 Swissline Powerful Hand & Stick Blender

  • Power: 200 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • RPM: 18.000
  • Accessories: beaker, 0.4 litres; jug, 1 litre; whisk; mincer; beater
  • Cord: 1.9 meters
  • Weight: 0.94 kilograms

And now for something on the higher end of the hand blender scale, we have this Bamix model.

It operates at a whopping 18.000 rpm, which means it is efficient, powerful, and can handle practically anything you throw at it.

It is also easy to use, nicely designed, and very practical, as you can immerse the head right up to the handle with no issues whatsoever.

You’ll need to clean it with warm soapy water, so it will take a bit of TLC, but for what it can do, you’ll be happy to provide it.

It’s a bit on the heavier side, but it does sit very nicely in your hand, and it is virtually indestructible, so you might want to check it out if you love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting different dishes.

This hand blender can do anything from the obvious blending, to chopping and mincing, stirring and pureeing, and I can practically guarantee you can make the most amazing pesto and mayonnaise with it.

Definitely not the most affordable option, but for a pro cook, an option not to be overlooked, especially considering all of the different heads it comes with, and all of the tasks it can comfortably handle.

7 – Smeg HBF02PBUK Hand Stick Blender

  • Power: 700 watts
  • Speed settings: 2
  • RPM: 14.000
  • Accessories: beaker, 1.4 litres; masher; chopper; whisk
  • Cord: 1.5 meters
  • Weight: 2 kilograms

And finally, we have Smeg.

Don’t you just love Smeg? While I realistically know I can’t actually afford most of their items, I can’t help but marvel at them every time. They are just so incredibly stylish and retro.

If you on the other hand can afford a lovely Smeg hand blender and its gorgeous accessories, I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s a statement piece like no other. Even if you don’t keep it on the kitchen counter, it will lift your day every time you reach for it.

You will get a blender head, a whisk, a masher, a mini chopper and a plastic jug for mixing and blending in. All of them adorable, of course.

It has adjustable settings and a turbo button, so it will be able to handle even your more complex recipes. It has soft touch buttons and a non-slip handle, so you’ll have no trouble holding on to it and making good use of all that power. You can also just use the one hand to control it, which I find incredibly important.

Do I really need to say anything else? It’s a Smeg, it’s gorgeous and it works great! Not the most affordable option, I do realize that, but if you can afford it, it won’t for a second let you down.

To Sum It Up

If you are looking for a very simple hand blender, one that will help you make soups and smoothies with less effort, you might want to go with one of the first models I have listed.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a hand blender that will do more, like whisk, mash and chop, there are some excellent options available at the very middle of this list.

Finally, I couldn’t resist adding two higher end models to the bottom, in case you are interested in something a bit pricier and more stylish.

Happy blending!



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