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8 Beard Trimmers Wives of Bearded Men Will Love

I hear you, I hear you.

I hear you saying “Joyce – what on earth do you know about beard trimmers?!”

Well, as it happens, quite a lot.

Tom has had a beard since before we’ve met, and while it has gone through many, many shapes and sizes, it has always been present. I have seen the man’s actual face twice in my life, and even then it was against his will.

Being married to a bearded man teaches you a lot about beard care and housekeeping. It also teaches you how to moisturise your own face to prevent irritation, what kinds of pillowcases to buy and so on. But more on that some other time.

It of course also teaches you how to use a beard trimmer (and a straight razor), how to apply beard oil, how to de-tangle a beard without causing too much pain – you get the idea.

So, being the self-proclaimed beard expert that I am, let me show you some of the best beard trimmers on the market in the UK. Note that I have actually seen and used 4 of them, and that I can achieve a pretty neat trim after all these years. Not quite barber-level, but pretty darn close. I remember when beard oils were yet to be invented and when you had to use – well, never mind that, I’m going off tangent again.

Beard trimmers!

How to Choose a Beard Trimmer

To the uninitiated, every beard trimmer will appear the same. I have been there myself, and have made the grave error of gifting Tom a trimmer back when we were still dating – apparently, it was the completely wrong kind.

There are also hundreds if not thousands of models available today, so considering what you want from a beard trimmer will save you some time and money, and the frustration of having to use a semi-decent tool for a very finicky task.

Think about the following:

Purpose: what do you want to use the beard trimmer for? Shaving, trimming a short beard, trimming a stubble, trimming a longer beard, trimming a very long beard? You will need different accessories for each task.

Do you also want to be able to trim your ear and nose hair? Perhaps your back and chest hair? Maybe your pubic hair as well? Again, different accessories (and some much needed safety features – we don’t want any accidents in that particular area) will be required.

Corded or wireless: the more traditional beard trimmers that come with a wire have the advantage of never running out of charge and providing a consistent level of power throughout. They do require a plug socket though, and you wouldn’t want to use them in the shower.

Wireless beard trimmers on the other hand are portable, cane be safe to use under running water, and they are easier to travel with.

Battery life: if you are going for the wireless option, consider battery life as well – how often do you trim your beard, how long does it take to charge, and how likely are you to forget to charge it before your next trim?

Waterproofness: if you like to shave in the shower, you need a beard trimmer that is waterproof – a lot of wireless models are, but do make sure to check that the model you are looking at is as well.

Also, a woman’s tip – shower drains get clogged too.

Length varieties: All trimmers (or all that I know of at least) will come with different length options – all you need to do is consider how long you want your beard to be and make your purchase accordingly.

Extra features: apart from the trimming length options and the purpose of your trimmer, you also want to consider what else it can offer. Fast charge? Turbo mode? Since you likely won’t be purchasing a new beard trimmer any time soon, make sure the one you buy now has all the bells and whistles you are looking for.

And now, for the beard trimmers.

8 Beard Trimmers to Consider in 2022

Let me preface this by saying that all of these beard trimmers are good – some of them are even quite similar, but that’s mostly because different brands launch similar items quite often. All of them will help you take really good care of your beard, and it will be up to your personal preference which one you choose:

1 – Wahl Aqua Blade

  • Cutting range: 0.2-25 millimetres
  • Combs: 12
  • Charge time: 60 minutes
  • Battery life: 180 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes

The Wahl Aqua Blade was one of my gifts to Tom. And unlike that Remington one I bought him decades ago, this one he really liked.

It comes with 12 combs, so you can achieve a length anywhere from 0.2 millimetres to 25 millimetres. You can of course trim even longer hair, away from your actual skin.

0.2 millimetres is an incredibly close shave for a beard trimmer. You can go in even closer if you take all the combs off and shave with the naked blade – however, you have to be extra careful, as the blade is sharp and you can cut yourself, just like with a regular razor.

The name itself suggests that you can use this one wet or dry, so jumping in the shower with it will not be a problem.

What makes it a bit more special is the battery. It takes 60 minutes to fully charge, and will provide 180 minutes of trimming afterwards. It might appear to get a bit less powerful near the end of the battery’s life though. It also has a quick-charge option, where 1 minute of charge will buy you 3 minutes of use, great for when you are in a pinch.

It’s easy to clean and wash, easy to use and has a nice grip to it – overall, a really great beard trimmer.

And, yes, you can use it for clipping hair as well – if you know what you are doing that is.

  • Closes possible shave with a beard trimmer
  • Long battery life
  • Precision and ease of use
  • None that I can think of

2 – Remington Barba MB320C Beard Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 1.5-18 millimetres
  • Combs: 1
  • Charge time: 14-16 hours
  • Battery life: 40 minutes
  • Waterproof: No

Remington is a brand known for their trimmers – designed both for men and for women.

Their Barba model comes with ceramic coated blades that will provide a very neat trim, cutting the hair easily and without too much of a struggle.

It comes with 9 pre-set lengths to choose from, ranging from 1.5 to 18 millimetres – so maybe a bit longer than you might have been looking for. You use the zoom wheel on the trimmer’s handle to choose the length you want (it will be displayed on the side), and you can then lock it in.

It also has a pop-up trimmer that is great for getting that shape nailed – especially around the chin or the sideburns, as well as around your nose.

Since the Barba does not come with a bunch of combs – they are all built-in – it’s much easier to travel with and you won’t have to worry about choosing the right comb or losing one somewhere around the house.

The battery itself will last you 40 minutes, and will need around 14 to 16 hours to charge – so definitely not the best option. On the plus side, you can use it plugged into the mains. That also means that this model is not waterproof, so don’t be jumping into the shower with it.  

A reliable and precise model from a famous brand.

  • Super precise trim
  • Easy to travel with
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Takes a long time to charge

3 – Braun BT3221 Beard Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 0.5-10 millimetres
  • Combs: 1
  • Charge time: 10 hours
  • Battery life: 50 minutes
  • Waterproof: No

Another very well-known brand here, and this Braun model is certainly worth the renown.

Braun themselves claim that this beard trimmer is sharper, more efficient and faster than all of their previous-generation models, which is certainly a very big claim.

This model also comes with a single comb and a built-in dial that changes your trim length. There are 20 setting to choose from (so much more than with the Remington model above), and each length is 0.5 millimetres longer than the previous one.

You can also just use the main trimmer head to create some very sharp lines and create some amazing shapes – again, be warned, you can injure yourself without the guard on.

This model comes with a lifetime sharp blades warranty – so you should never have to worry about your trimmer going soft on you.

The battery lasts around 50 minutes on a full charge, which should give you plenty of time to get your face in order.

The one thing about this model is that you can accidentally re-adjust the length of the blades in mid-shave. This is certainly an issue, but as long as you keep your thumb away from the dial, you should be fine.

Don’t disregard this model based on that one feature – it does provide an amazing trim.

  • Lifetime warranty on blade sharpness
  • Sharper and more precise than previous Braun models
  • A bit of a fiddly length-setting dial
  • Long time to charge

4 – Braun BT5060 Beard Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 0.5-10 millimetres
  • Combs: 2
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Battery life: 100 minutes
  • Waterproof: No, water-resistant

Let’s cover another similar Braun model right away, shall we.

The BT5060 also comes with the lifetime sharp blades warranty, and the same kind of dial you use to set your length. However, this one comes with 2 combs and provides 39 lengths – from 0.5 to 20 millimetres. You also get a detail trimmer to help you make your lines nice and clean.

It also has something the brand calls an “autosensing motor” which ensures consistent speed and an efficient trim, even for the longest and most dense beards – and trust me, you sometimes do need that extra bit of power.

The battery will last you 100 minutes, so plenty of time to trim and tidy everything up. It can also be used while plugged in to charge, so you can forgive yourself for forgetting to charge it the night before. You also have a 5-minute quick-recharge option if you ever need it.

You can also rinse it under the tap – but it is not actually waterproof, just water-resistant, so bear that in mind.

A reliable, easy to use beard trimmer, great to travel with and an affordable option. Also, your chances of accidentally switching lengths mid-shave are a bit smaller with this one, since the dial is a bit less flexible, but keep your thumb somewhere else just to be safe.

  • Lifetime warranty on blade sharpness
  • Quick recharge
  • Can accidentally switch the length mid-shave

5 – Remington Graphite G4 Cordless Trimmer PG4000

  • Cutting range: 2-30 millimetres
  • Combs: 7
  • Charge time: 10 hour
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: No, water-resistant

One more Remington beard trimmer makes it onto this list, this time a bit more of a fancier model.

This one comes with 7 attachments: a mini foil shaver, an adjustable comb that can give you a 2 to 20 millimetre trim, a 1.5 and a 3 millimetre comb, a TST precision trimmer and a nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer. Basically, you can trim anything and everything with this guy, from your beard to your hair and anything else you can think of.

The blades themselves are actually graphite and come with comfort tips that will not irritate your skin, and the trimmer itself feels very smooth and fits nicely in your palm. The blades also self-sharpen (how on earth do they do that?), so they will keep performing in a year just like they have when you first purchased your trimmer.

The battery will last up to 60 minutes, so plenty of time to trim and put yourself together in the morning (or evening).

You can also wash it, so maintenance will not be much of an issue – not waterproof though, so bear that in mind.

Again, a reliable and easy to use product that can provide everything you need in a single model – no need to reach for extra trimmers.

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • All-in-one model
  • Longer charge time

6 – Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 Beard Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 1-16 millimetres
  • Combs: 23
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Waterproof: No

Let’s move on to Philips.

This is another all-in-one trimmer that can help you take care of your beard, your hair and any other bodily hair you feel you want to get rid of.

It comes with 23 additional pieces that will certainly cover anything that comes to your trimming mind, and all of them perform really well.

Philips laud this beard trimmer for its DualCut technology that is said to offer maximum precision. In other words, it comes with twice the number of self-sharpening blades (again, self-sharpening?) that the brand claims will last up to five years.

The Norelco has a full-on metal motor and a drive train that uses tempered steel as a reinforcement – so this tool definitely sounds like something made for a medieval knight.

In reality, it’s just a really high-quality trimmer that ensures an even, easy and efficient trim every time. It won’t tug on your hairs, it won’t start to pull, and it will provide that clean and masculine cut.

The battery will last up to 5 hours (!) per one charge, so you can basically take this one with you and forget all about charging it, it’s that good. You also get a 5-minute quick charge, in case you do end up needed that as well.

In short – an incredible bread trimmer if you ask me. Sleek, sophisticated, but above all else, does an amazing job of grooming your facial (and every other) hair.

  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Superior quality and trim
  • Long battery life
  • None that I can think of

7 – Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard and Stubble Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 0.2-7 millimetres
  • Combs: 1
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Battery life: 70 minutes
  • Waterproof: Yes

One more Philips model here – and what a model it is.

It comes with a laser guidance system. Yes, a laser guidance system. You will never have an excuse for your sloppy trim work with this model – it allows you to be just that precise. All you need to do is follow the red line and get that perfect, symmetrical, sharp and clean edge that is sometimes so hard to achieve.

The blades themselves are made from stainless steel and they provide a superior cut. The trimmer also has a lift-and-trim system, that is supposed to guide the hairs towards the blades, meaning you will need less strokes to achieve that perfect trim.

It comes with a zoom wheel – and you can choose a length between 0.2 and 7 millimetres.

This means that this trimmer is not for those gents among you who have longer beards, but for someone with a shorter beard looking for neatness and precision above all else, this beard trimmer can be a dream come true.

It allows for 70 minutes of trimming and needs an hour to charge, but you can also use it plugged in.

It is also completely waterproof, so you can take it to the shower with you – although you might still prefer to use it in front of a mirror, to get that near edge perfectly down.

More of a premium model (considering the laser), but excluding the gimmick factor – this is an excellent beard trimmer, although built for shorter beards.

  • Laser guide
  • Waterproof
  • Not suitable for longer beards

8 – Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer

  • Cutting range: 1.5-25 millimetres
  • Combs: 12
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Waterproof: No

Finally, let’s close this list with the same brand we opened it with.

Here is a Wahl beard and nose trimmer that is very sleek, very stylish, and very sophisticated.

It also has self-sharpening blades (no, I won’t ask the same question again), and they are in fact very good. Sharp, precise and provide a smooth and superior cut.

It also comes with 12 attachments that will help you achieve the style you want. There’s a T-blade, a detail shaver, a detail trimmer and a personal trimmer. You can use them for touching up between actual trims, and they will help you to stay sharp.

It is not waterproof, so you will have to use it on dry land. It does however come with a battery that can be used internationally, as it won’t mess with different kinds of voltages. It also has a quick-charge feature to help you out when you need it.

Its motor is extremely powerful, in fact of professional grade, but it’s packed in a compact body you can take with you and enjoy using in your own home.

A very stylish silver beard trimmer you will love using – reliable and provides an excellent trim.

  • Plenty of accessories and combs
  • Dual voltage battery
  • None that I can think of

Which Beard Trimmer Should I Buy?

Honestly, my vote goes to any and all of these beard trimmers.

Depending on what you need in terms of accessories, comb length, waterproofness, durability and price – I feel there is certainly something for everyone on this list.

Let me know which one you get, I’d love to know how happy you are with it.



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